Welcome to the Bat Therapy Podcast where we look at the Psychology of Batman and other superheroes by examining various storylines from comics, TV, and movies. It is not simply to learn more about these characters but hopefully you can take some concepts and learn more about yourself. Each one of our podcasts ends with a Mindful Nerd Moment which is all about learning how to become more aware of what you're sensing and feeling in the moment.

While the podcast is our main focus, we do release other content as well. The biggest alternate content is what we call Bat Screenings. The Bat Screenings are audio that you can play over some of our favorite TV episodes or movies and listen to Dr. Brown and Keeden examine the characters and comment while you watch.

The podcast episodes are released every Tuesday at midnight. You can listen to them here on the webpage or on various podcasting services, some links are below:

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This podcast is NOT a way to receive mental health treatment, services, or personal advice. If you are needing help, consider taking a look at our helpful links.

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