Podcast Hosts

Who is Dr. Emilia Brown?

Dr. Emilia Brown is a licensed clinical psychologist based in Austin, Texas. She specializes in psychosocial rehabilitation and the treatment and de-stigmatization of severe and persistent mental illness. Dr. Brown primarily works with United States Veterans, providing therapeutic treatment while also providing education, training, and consultation to Veterans’ providers, loved ones, and surrounding communities. Her expertise also includes the development and management of interdisciplinary mental health treatment programs and national coordination for psychology networking and professional development. As a lover of many things creative and nerdy, Dr. Brown has always teetered dangerously toward being a ‘Jane of all trades, master of none’. With encouragement from someone who has an impossible task (being the spouse of a psychologist), she decided to try her hand at sharing her thoughts and musings more broadly about the intersection of mental health and nerdy pursuits. Dr. Brown’s hope is to use this podcast as a platform for a little bit of rebellion – stepping outside of the limits of healthcare in order to make sure everyone has accessibility to the education and understanding needed for us all to achieve mental health and happiness. And if she can nerd out with a close friend while she’s doing it? All the better.

Who is Keeden Hopkins?

Keeden is an avid lover of all things nerdy, and he still wants to be a Transformer when he grows up. He’s been a comic book lover like his father before him for as long as he can remember. Keeden has always loved talking and sharing his passion for comic books and he is really excited to be able to do something fun with it while also shedding light on how important mental health is. He has always loved picking Emilia’s (I call her Doc Brown) brain when it comes to both comics and mental health in today’s world so when she wanted to do a podcast on the two things, they talk about most, he came running! Batman and his rogue’s gallery have always been his favorite, but he also loves hitting all the good spots for DC, Marvel, IDW, and Vertigo.