Bat Therapy: Exploring your favorite comic book characters through the lens of clinical psychology.

What is a psychologist to do when they have a passion for mental health treatment as well as all things Batman? They start a podcast, of course! This podcast lets you be a fly on the wall (or a bat in the cave), listening in on a friendship built out of a love for talking Batman and other superheroes, comics, and the everyday struggle to achieve mental health and happiness. Emilia (psychologist) and Keeden (comic enthusiast & nerd aficionado) want to help every person – every graphic novel aficionado, every superhero lover, every cosplayer, every geek and nerd – have health and healing from life’s struggles. Learn how and why characters from your favorite comic storylines suffer as well as where their resilience truly shines. Join us in practicing skills as if we are these fictional characters in order to learn how they, and you, can achieve some peace of mind and mental health recovery.

This podcast is NOT a way to receive mental health treatment, services, or personal advice. If you are needing help, consider taking a look at our helpful links.